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Jacksonville has a great community of artists with many talents. In Radx Magazine, you will find a collection of artistic expressions from a wide-ranging palate. So many artists are talented but don’t receive the recognition they deserve. They need a forum celebrating the local talent of this beautiful city. They need RADX MAG.

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The Beauty of Dance With Rochelle Underdue

Rochelle Underdue is a bright and uplifting dancer based in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally from Virginia, Rochelle, a self-noted late bloomer, has established herself as a leader in Jacksonville’s dance community through various platforms and performances over the past seven years. The strength of her faith and her family has pushed

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Jacksonville Dance Theatre returns to stage MAY 8, 2021

LIVE IN THE MOMENT After cancelling their 8th annual concert, The Jacksonville Dance Theatre returns to Florida Theatre on May 8, 2021 at 8 p.m.    Programming includes a dynamic array of performances from numerous artists.    “Three Tasks, Once A Day, 25 Days” choreographed by Rebecca Levy, JDT artistic

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Layla Burrell – Digital Illustrator

until death This piece is for both myself and all of the other artists out there. The quote in the piece is meant to say ‘hey, we’re here, and we’re going to be here no matter what’ in relation to the amount of times artists are told ‘you’ll never make it.’ 

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Local Designer Sal Catoe Showcases Extravagance

A series EXPLORING WORLDY RESTRAINTS “With this work, not only did I want to challenge my technical skills as a designer, I wanted to design something extravagant. Sadly, extravagance doesn’t interpret without narrative or nuance, it’s just seen as EXTRA.’ I knew whatever I designed needed to have a dialogue

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Ebony Payne-English: The Iconic Wordsmith

Pain, it’s an appropriate homonym resting in the surname for the vastly talented Ebony Payne-English. From her pain she has been able to take her experiences and cultivate her own unique art. Pain is transformed into perseverance while creating an uplifting environment for others so they, too, can turn misfortune

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Digital Illustration by Local Artist Nikki Aguirre

Wayward Ashes NAKANO With as much as I love animation, I thought it appropriate to focus on my favorite aspect of bringing animated features to life, character design. Through the meaning of a name, eye color, or even the smallest detail on their wardrobe the audience can gain insight into

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Entrepreneur with ties to Jacksonville making history When Jayla Roxx started her business journey, it was out of necessity. Looking for affordable eyelashes that looked good, she decided the best way to ensure both quality and quantity was to start her own brand.  And thus, the Bat Me! Brand was

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Brought to you by Radx Magazine, the Radx Podcast will discuss art, it’s impact, current events, and the ever-talented artists that help shape our culture. Stay up-to-date with what is going on around us and hear the perspectives of artists involved in this bi-weekly podcast.

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