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Jacksonville has a great community of artists with many talents. In Radx Magazine, you will find a collection of artistic expressions from a wide-ranging palate. So many artists are talented but don’t receive the recognition they deserve. They need a forum celebrating the local talent of this beautiful city. They need RADX MAG.

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Behind the Cover: Vol 5

Focus Creating works of art requires focus. Successful artists are clear with the focus of their works. In this issue, we celebrate both the literal and figurative focus that drives creatives forward. Our cover is integral in representing the issue, as well as representing both our brand and the community

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Anharchy Fashion Show

ANHarchy Fashion Show COVID-19 has had a significant impact on creatives and artists in Jacksonville and beyond. That being said, creative director and artist Anh Pham didn’t let it stop her from hosting another jaw-dropping fashion show. Still allowing creativity to flow, but in a safe way, this  private event

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Celebrating One Year

4 Issues Down, Many More to Go Written by Xavier Torres Jacksonville has been regarded by some as a creative volcano on the verge of eruption for some time now. What we have recently seen is akin to a renaissance of sorts with a growing focus on arts, culture, and

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1. Submission Guidelines First, you’ll want to make sure you read the submission guidelines and the terms or conditions of submitting before anything else! Reputable publishers will set clear expectations and would outline the implications of the submission. Sometimes there is a particular editorial direction or specific technical requirements for

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3 Essential Tips for Writing an Artist Statement

Photos by: Cheryl McCain Writing An Artist Statement By Erin Kendrick So often in our creative industry the artist, creative and/or maker (meaning…you) are concurrently the business and brand. That means that your individual creative point-of-view or point of departure and your professional purpose are in alignment. Every creative company/brand

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Finding Our Focus

Finding Focus in 2021 Today we open our submissions for the 5th issue of Radx Magazine. The theme is FOCUS, an action important for creators and something that is constantly in our minds. Submit here  Submit here Focus Brings Clarity We often ask artists about their focus as it’s important

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Behind the Cover: Vol 4

Elevate In such a tumultuous year, we thought it would be beneficial to end 2020 on a high note, enter ELEVATE. Our 4th volume focused on artists and works that lift others up, building a stronger and better community. Photographer Censay Darilus brought his creative vision and skill to the

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Radx Podcast

Brought to you by Radx Magazine, the Radx Podcast will discuss art, it’s impact, current events, and the ever-talented artists that help shape our culture. Stay up-to-date with what is going on around us and hear the perspectives of artists involved in this bi-weekly podcast.

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