5 Best Tips On Submitting Your Work To An Art Magazine

1. Submission Guidelines

First, you’ll want to make sure you read the submission guidelines and the terms or conditions of submitting before anything else! Reputable publishers will set clear expectations and would outline the implications of the submission. Sometimes there is a particular editorial direction or specific technical requirements for submissions.

You can read our prompt here and learn more about our terms here.

2. Choosing Your Work

Once you have an understanding of the guidelines, now you may choose which work to submit. Some publications prefer works created specifically for submission, setting a theme to get creatives’ viewpoint on that topic or to challenge their creativity in a specific way. Most will accept previously developed works. One of the largest reasons submissions may be denied: it does not align with the theme of that issue. If the particular publication you are submitting to has a theme, try to align or choose a work that will align with it.

Each of our issues do have a theme. We strongly encourage works that are either in response to our prompt, or in line with the theme of that issue.

3. Researching The Brand

Make sure the publication is one which you want your work in! Each entity offers something different or caters to a specific group. Make sure the style and other works are similar to yours or at least what you are looking to be involved with. You can review previous issues and see what has previously been published. Not every magazine will accept any style. Some of your works might be aligned with the prompt but not necessarily the magazine style as a whole.

We proudly highlight art in many different mediums. The styles you will find in our publication are wide-ranging, but they are typically vibrant and tell a story.

4. Producing High Quality

Once you’ve decided to submit, make sure you have high-resolution images of your work. Your work may be exceptional, but, if the images submitted don’t meet the technical specifications, it won’t look good in print. You can see how to capture high-resolution photos of your work here.

We have previously offered an Art Entry Shoot, allowing artists who have already submitted but do not have access to capturing HR photos of their work, the opportunity to get those. We are pleased to host another Art Entry Shoot for this upcoming issue.

5. Ensuring Maximum Impact

Tell a story. Publications offer the opportunity to read about works that are featured from the artist’s viewpoint. Whether reflective of your mission as an artist or a story about the work itself and what it means, providing additional context and meaning behind your submission can be extremely beneficial.

We strongly encourage additional information about your submission. Whether it’s about you as an artist, your view of the piece or prompt, how that is interpreted in your work, or other meaningful and relevant information.

The Deadline for submissions is April 9th

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Daryna Barykina

ROOTS Daryna Barykina is an awe-inspiring photographer that is adept in stylized conceptual vivid imagery. A native of Ukraine, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2011 and embarked on her

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