Jacksonville has a great community of artists with many talents. In RADX digital magazine, you will find a collection of artistic expressions from a wide-ranging palate. So many artists are talented but don’t receive the recognition they deserve. They aren’t insta-famous, or had time to be a youtube-star, just people who live life and enjoy creating art after their 9-5. They need a forum celebrating the local talent of this beautiful city. They need RADX MAG.



Nicole Radacz (pronounced: Rad-ach). Nicole has been enjoying life for 23 years. She is a passionate artist who loves to experience the world. Whether it be through traveling, through experiencing other local cultures, or better understanding great achievements that have made an exemplary impact.

As a UX/ UI Designer (User Experience/ User Interface) she often thinks of herself in others shoes, and always tries to take a new perspective on any situation. Her hobbies include; graphic design, photography, painting, dancing, writing, and of course, binge-watching a good show on Netflix.

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