Albums on Repeat: Star Gazing by 4Kamai

Albums on repeat

Listen with us to some of Jacksonville’s most anticipated music projects of the year. These leaders of the new school continue to drive local culture releasing tracks that most listeners can relate to. Within the full breadth of our curated music, you will find a song that will fit any mood you may feel. From soulful R&B to the historic DUVAL compilation album, we’re celebrating these winners and their major accomplishments of 2020. 

Star Gazing by 4Kamai

Go galactic with the authentic and inspiring vocalist 4K in her very first EP, Star Gazing. This melodic but fiery project transitions you through the life of Kamai. The fluidity of the entire project makes it easy to coast through the stars while also engaging with a very personal side of Kamai. With tracks like, “Feeling Myself” & “Star Gazing,” the listener can truly embrace Kamai’s spirit and soul as she shows her ability to hit a wide range of incredible notes naturally. We recommend you listen to this new and upcoming star as she continues to amaze the city with her talent and projects going forward.

If anyone had a conversation with Kamai’s mother, Katrina, about her daughter she’ll say “when I was pregnant with her I prayed and asked God to bless her with a voice so that she could praise him.” At the age of 4 she began doing just that. She was chosen as a lead to sing solos in her church, Zion Hope’s choir. It wasn’t until she had gotten a little older where she realized that God gave her mother exactly what she prayed for and how singing could heal and bring people together.

Starting out as a poet and storyteller, Kamai later began turning her poems into songs. It was at that moment that a true star was born. Kamai credits the soul you hear in her songs. Hits such as “I’m in love” & the newly released record “Feeling Myself” allow the listener to engage with Kamai as she frequently showcases her powerful church background. Her versatility stems from hearing her mom switch from jazz music to gospel music, from artists such as DMX to Whitney Houston, while cleaning up at home and on car rides. 

Kamai thanks God and all of the people that support because without them she would not have been able to realize her purpose and have the drive to even begin to execute. Star Gazing summarizes the journey that brought her to where she is now (the journey of learning her purpose and applying it into her music so that the listener can stargaze and gain enlightenment and realize the star they are.) 

📸: @kwariengland

Kamai is currently working on new music, videos, and other surprises that will be released in 2021.

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Star Gazing 

Producer @iamseih

Mixed and mastered by @iamseih 

Cover Photography @faithyy_b

Cover Art @4kamai

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