Ashley Hook

portrait-Ashley Hook

Ashley Hook

Ashley Hook is a 26 year-old model born and raised in Jacksonville. She uses modeling to build her self-confidence and spread positivity to others. Finding the strength in vulnerability and perseverance through challenges, she is an up-and-coming freelance model bound to grow and inspire. You can find her work on  Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

[RADX:] What is modeling to you?

[Ashley:] It helps me feel more comfortable in my own skin. It helps me to express myself on the outside, instead of keeping it on the inside. Connect with new people. 

[RADX:] What has inspired you to start modeling?

[Ashley:] My mom was the one who always tried to get me to pursue it. I was in a really bad relationship at one point. He kinda stripped me of everything that made me, me. For example, my self-confidence was my struggle. 

That’s why I look at modeling (as) building myself up and making myself more me again. My family has been very supportive. It was on my terms to get into it. Now, I feel so much more confident in my own self. It’s the reason I want to pursue it. 

It was a real process to get started. It was a situation to learn how to love myself and get comfortable with other people seeing me. I’m basically opening myself up to strangers to be photographed. I don’t think a lot of people look at it this way. But it can be a very vulnerable state, because there are so many emotions wrapped up into it. 

[RADX:] Where did you grow up?

[Ashley:] I was born and raised in Jacksonville and currently live in St. Augustine. I’m hoping to move to Colorado by the end of next year.

[RADX:] What kind of background do you have in modeling?

[Ashley:] I’m a freelancer. I really want to sign with an agency. As long as our terms agree with each other’s aspirations. I currently book through Instagram. I am manifesting paid shoots. I have been working with photographers and have received very good feedback on our photoshoots. 

[RADX:] Do you have a portfolio to present to agencies? 

[Ashley:] I’m working right now to have some simple portraits done on my face and body. A lot of the people I work with mainly work outside of a studio. So I don’t have basic studio photos. I’m looking forward to working with someone soon. We will be renting an Airbnb, but he will be bringing his backdrop. So I can get some simple, no makeup, just this is who I am photos. Then go through to see which ones stand out to me that I can present to agencies. 

[RADX:] How tall are you?

[Ashley:] 5’9

[RADX:] What’s next? Where do you see yourself going in the next 5 years?

[Ashley:] So I’ve been published two times in photography magazines. So hopefully I want to get into print. I personally believe that I’m versatile. I would love to do editorial. I really want to because I would love to make a name for myself. I would love to have a base of people that look up to me who I can teach to be kinder to themselves. I would love to have a platform to make our environment great again.

[RADX:] Do you have a model that you look up too?

[Ashley:] No, I honestly don’t have a role model. It’s probably sad to say. I believe I’m my own role model. I’m learning to push myself and to better myself on my own. It’s been a wonderful eye opener experience for myself. 

[RADX:] Where can people find you? 

[Ashley:] I’m working on a website for myself. At this very moment you can find me on InstagramFacebook, or Youtube

[RADX:] What has been your favorite photoshoot so far?

[Ashley:] Too many to choose. Definitely my first published one. It’s the shoot I did in a sunflower field. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. I think it’s so cool as it’s blossoming the bud actually follows the sun throughout the day. They pay attention to the light than the darkness. It’s an inspiration to humans to keep your eye on the light (not) the darkness. 

[RADX:] What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue modeling?

[Ashley:] Go for it! Everything is going to work out. You are not going to get a yes all the time. You are going to get more no’s than yes. Just be you and you’ll find the perfect people to work with. Surround yourself around supportive people. No matter if you have to pay attention to people outside of your family. People are going to have different views of life. Find people who have a view like yours and that are going to raise you up.

[RADX:] Do you have any other ambitions outside of modeling?

[Ashley:] One goal in life is to own a decent chunk of land to have an animal sanctuary. To make the world a better place.