Rodricka Gooch

Rodricka joined RadX Magazine in August 2019 and has a B.A. in Business Marketing/Minor in Mass Communication. She’s previously worked with marketing/media agencies and a television/radio station in South Carolina. As a journalist, she is passionate about interviewing talented artists and covering events.

Rodricka Gooch

Elena Øhlander

Elena Øhlander Meet an extremely talented, inspiring, and powerful creator who incorporates a strong sense of culture in her works of art. Meet Elena Øhlander.  [RADX:] You are a multi-talented artist in modeling, painting, and photography. Tell us first about your modeling background.  [Elena:] Modeling was not something I aspired to do. Actually, my degree …

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Jessie Malih

Jessie Malih Meet an artist who puts herself and her personality into her music. Someone who has been through a lot and harnesses that into strength. She exudes confidence with style and much like the inspiration of big cities where she wrote her new song, “Prada,” unapologetically cocky. Meet Jessie Malih. [RADX:] Tell us about …

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Detavius Niblack

Detavius Niblack 22 year-old Detavius Niblack is a powerful and transformative portrait photographer. He incorporates the essence of both physical nature as well as human nature in his photography, beautifully capturing his subject often against a verdant background. The landscapes he captures are unique and set the perfect scene. He loves spur-of-the-moment ideas. His inspiration …

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Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons We recently had the pleasure of talking with Michael Simmons, a 26 year-old aspiring fashion designer and owner of Rahkie.USA. who will be hosting Rahkie Connection, a fashion-focused event and gathering of creatives. A Jacksonville native, Mike wanted to bring an exciting and notable event of grand scale to our city.  Rahkie Connection …

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