Albums on Repeat: Beauty Trap by Ashton Chase

Albums on repeat

Listen with us to some of Jacksonville’s most anticipated music projects of the year. These leaders of the new school continue to drive local culture releasing tracks that most listeners can relate to. Within the full breadth of our curated music, you will find a song that will fit any mood you may feel. From soulful R&B to the historic DUVAL compilation album, we’re celebrating these winners and their major accomplishments of 2020. 

Beauty Trap by Ashton Chase

Prepare for the ride of a lifetime with “Beauty Trap” by the one and only Ashton Chase. This feel-good album gives you every possible vibe needed to ensure you have the best time while listening. There is a certain calmness to Chase’s music that is positively magnetic. Whether he is rapping or singing, he consistently delivers and doesn’t miss. Records such as “Over 9000” & “Dreamers POV” showcase his versatility and lyrical ability. His heart is spilled out in his artistry in ways everyone can relate. Press play and follow a journey of the misadventures of a boy trapped in Suburbia. Love, loss, pain and growth, Ashton Chase delivers it all in his first full length LP. 

Ashton’s performance roots go back to middle school on the stage in plays and musicals. Filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Donald Glover, and Jordan Peele inspired a love for movies and tv shows. Ashton’s love for film inspires his visual concepts. He is in a BFA acting program and has a lot of love to give so he puts it into his art. In late 2019 Ashton recorded his first studio songs for an EP titled “Unspoken Words.” After this it became clear to Ashton that he was destined to express himself creatively.

            Ever since, it’s been nonstop. This year, with the release of his debut project “Beauty Trap,” Ashton focused on telling an authentic love story by creating a fresh, unique sound and atmosphere with each track. Ashton is constantly evolving his sounds and searching for new ways to grow as an artist. He mashes vocal styles while remaining genre fluid with his music. Ashton believes good music is good music regardless of whatever category people want to try to put it under. He’s got plans to spread some love, teach some empathy and leave his footprint through the art he is creating.

It doesn’t stop there, Ashton recently dropped a new single, “Michael Scott” in November.



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