Behind the Cover: Vol 4


In such a tumultuous year, we thought it would be beneficial to end 2020 on a high note, enter ELEVATE. Our 4th volume focused on artists and works that lift others up, building a stronger and better community. Photographer Censay Darilus brought his creative vision and skill to the forefront with a shoot at Treaty Oak Park that translated perfectly our theme and mission.

Artist Statement

“The most powerful element of photography is its ability to capture and release emotions. This series is an example of that power. The viewer is drawn into the image , grounded by the mammoth that is the Treaty Oak, estimated to be the oldest living thing in Jacksonville at over 250 years old. What holds the viewer’s attention though, is the evident emotion and poise of each person in the scene. A stark contrast between roots, timelessness, and being grounded, exists alongside the fleeting, changeable, and effectual reality of being human and having emotion.” – Censay Darilus

“The theme ELEVATE brings forth feelings of ties and progression. The cover abruptly captures connection and beauty with differences. With every crisp flip of a new page there is a new creative, being tethered to the link that is Jacksonville’s treasure cove of art and talent. In this year of pandemonium within a pandemic Radx has done nothing but bring fourth and push forward the light that is her home. I have fallen deeply and hopelessly in love with my city over and over again due to the sole soul that has been birthed by this magazine. The specific theme/issue holds dear to me, not only because I was honored to be a piece of it, but because seeing familiar faces between the binds builds this hope. A hope that change is the only constant, and with the help of each mesmerizing face, finger, and mind, we can only go up. We can only rip this city up, and build a new one that can.”

Elevate_Cover Image
📸: @thatguycensay

“2020 has been an absolute emotional roller coaster for myself and a lot of people but one of the highlights from this year has been my involvement with Radx Magazine. Nicole and her team really did the damn thing for allowing local creatives to showcase their work and to finally have that same representation we all deserve. I stress a lot about having LGBTQ+ and POC  representation on my platform or just simply having conversations about it with models and photographers at shoots, but Radxmag managed to bring all of that together with events, this magazine, etc. and I’m truly blessed and honored to be featured in the magazine, model the merch, and now to wrap it up be featured on the cover! I never would’ve thought I’d be in a magazine let alone on the cover of one. I’m so happy to be a part of such a beautiful experience. My heart is so full…thank you again for believing in me and shout out to the amazing models, photographers and all the creatives featured in the issue. We killed it y’all.”

“The theme Elevate speaks to the condition of the Jacksonville arts landscape. It’s been on the climb as of late and a lot of dope artists have been coming out and doing their part to show how talented the city is. I got the chance to work with a few talented people on the shoot alone. From Censay to Kneeblack who’s photography I am a personal fan of. I have elevated from an unknown SoundCloud rapper to my music landing me opportunities like being in this magazine and on it’s cover. It’s fulfilling and I can’t wait to see my peers and I, elevate to a new plateau.”

To Elevate is to move or raise to a higher place or position; to lift up. I strive to elevate the standards I have of myself each day. I try to hold myself accountable and rise above the harmful or hateful behavior of others. A daily goal of mine is to elevate my level of compassion and drive for life higher than the day before. What elevate means to me is to consistently stay on an upward slope of improvement within myself and my interactions with others. I hope to continue to elevate myself and those around me through my love, career and companionship.

📸: @thatguycensay

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