Toni Smailagic

Toni is a distinguished natural light photographer based in Jacksonville. He captures powerful portrait photography and operates @cre8jax. He recently released his first book, Introducing Jacksonville to Jacksonville, showcasing stylish people in the city and beautifully capturing faces in moments. “I don’t care what my name looks like after I’m dead, you get to decide …

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Sadiqa Mokbel

Sadiqa was born to create. She is constantly thinking creatively, letting inspiration flow through her, finding  it  in anything and   everything.  She is an actress, a model and an influencer.  She has historically expressed herself on stage with performing and acting but has recently been more passionate about the planning and execution of photoshoots, …

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Hootie Shepard

Hootie is a clothing designer based out of Jacksonville who has always expressed himself through his clothing. His brand name is Pneuma, meaning Breath of Life.  Going to school in Miami, he saw each day as a way to impress his peers. Personal style became a kind of competition for him, one where he consistently …

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Michelle Calloway

Michelle is a captivating creator based in Jacksonville. She mainly uses photography to tell impactful and empathetic stories. She is especially drawn to photography because it’s extremely collaborative.  The power behind her style is her ability to visually express something she’s had in her mind before, bringing it to life through the lens. Her portraits …

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Elena Øhlander

Elena Øhlander Meet an extremely talented, inspiring, and powerful creator who incorporates a strong sense of culture in her works of art. Meet Elena Øhlander.  [RADX:] You are a multi-talented artist in modeling, painting, and photography. Tell us first about your modeling background.  [Elena:] Modeling was not something I aspired to do. Actually, my degree …

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Detavius Niblack

Detavius Niblack 22 year-old Detavius Niblack is a powerful and transformative portrait photographer. He incorporates the essence of both physical nature as well as human nature in his photography, beautifully capturing his subject often against a verdant background. The landscapes he captures are unique and set the perfect scene. He loves spur-of-the-moment ideas. His inspiration …

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