Daryna Barykina


Daryna Barykina is an awe-inspiring photographer that is adept in stylized conceptual vivid imagery. A native of Ukraine, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2011 and embarked on her career in the beauty and advertising fields of photography. Her works have been featured around the globe in numerous publications such as Salon Today, Creative Head and Estetica, to name a few. Whether it is highlighting the use of a product or the beauty of a model, Barykina’s distinctive photography finds a way to trigger thoughts and feelings from viewers worldwide. 

“I believe that what people say about the United States and this whole American Dream is true. I live it.”


 Inspiration can be elicited from limitless bounds. For Barykina, inspiration ranges from various angles of perception and experiences. From the sensations invoked by looking at a beauty product’s effect on human skin to the intangible presence of emotions and feelings in her day-to-day life, her ideas are able to be translated into visuals. It became apparent to her, even as a child, that the photography world was beckoning her to join it in some capacity. Fascinated with the allure presented by the advertisements in beauty magazines that she would see on a salon’s waiting room coffee table, Barykina would rip out pages upon pages to store as personal mementos. 


After finishing her education back home in Ukraine, Daryna moved to the United States with the thought of becoming a fashion photographer in mind. While she pursued the charm that was associated with the fashion world and the vast opportunities in America, a headshot involving the manipulation of hair color coincidentally led her to dabbling further in cosmetology projects with local clients, something that she didn’t foresee. A transition into cosmetology allowed her to put her education in photography and business to use along with drawing nostalgia to the passion she felt as a child from those same types of printed publications. Her collaborations allowed her to use the models and products to convert emotions into aesthetically pleasing graphics. She had found her niche. 

“I think all of us, especially creatives balance between being employed and being unique. Sometimes being unique means you can be unemployable... I’d rather be that than generic.”


Although she has found her place in the ecosystem of photography and it allows her to make a living off of something she enjoys, Barykina still strives to keep a healthy balance between the photography she does for work and her personal ventures. The advertising campaigns she works on are to sell a product, an idea, or even a feeling. Her job is to portray a fantasy world around a product, something that accentuates a style through a magazine or screen. Her personal works give her more freedom to be bold and adventurous. By giving the same amount of energy towards her leisure projects as she does her business ones, Barykina, as she describes, is able to “self-discipline” herself and tap into her artistry. Relying upon her senses to focus, she’s able to use pragmatic concepts such as the scent of citrus or the sound of a One Republic song to tap into her creativity. If you look at the experimentation she does in her self-portraits you will see an incorporation of nature and incredible uses of texture that bring her photos life. Her works feature the use of punchy and luxurious primary colors that are certain to pop out. 

“Push your style, unapologetically. That’s the only thing that will make you stand out.”


As Daryna continues to build upon her own creations she also envisions herself continuing to spread her knowledge to her contemporaries through mentorship opportunities. Reflection upon her time teaching a photography class for a year and a half revealed a side of stage fright but it also gave her a rewarding experience. After challenging herself for a year and a half of teaching, she admits that this has helped her become more comfortable in her skin. Having confidence in one’s self and their ability is  a testament to authenticity, a recurring theme from speaking with Barykina. Her emphasis being that your art should be a reflection of you was certainly a valuable lesson. 



Daryna Barykina

ROOTS Daryna Barykina is an awe-inspiring photographer that is adept in stylized conceptual vivid imagery. A native of Ukraine, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2011 and embarked on her

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