Albums on Repeat: DUVAL by SIMPO

Albums on repeat

Listen with us to some of Jacksonville’s most anticipated music projects of the year. These leaders of the new school continue to drive local culture releasing tracks that most listeners can relate to. Within the full breadth of our curated music, you will find a song that will fit any mood you may feel. From soulful R&B to the historic DUVAL compilation album, we’re celebrating these winners and their major accomplishments of 2020. 


The collective work that is the DUVAL album and documentary is monumental. Released this year, this record-setting collaboration features talent from across the city. The documentary captures the level of work and coordination that went into the project which all deliver a full impact. With over 30 artists, producers and musicians included in this project, SimPo still stands out lyrically and shows us why he is a force to be reckoned with.


DUVAL is reflective of the talent and power within our artistic community and the culture of North Florida. 

“Arts and passions run deep through the streets of Jacksonville and even more its people, and we’re bringing them all together to create the biggest musical album for the most notorious county.” – SimPo


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Audio engineers: Paul Lapinski, Caleb Clayton, Andrew Holness, Cameron Bartley,

Mixed & Mastered: Paul Lapinski, Andrew Holness 

Instrumentalists: James Simpo Jr., Bismarck Habyarimana, Langston Oliver, 

Producers: Martin Carter, Andrew Holmes, Legacy Beats, Bvtman, Blumajicbeatco, James Simpo Jr. 

Executive producer: James Simpo Jr. 

Lyricists: Simpo, Nick Kano, Jaiquan tyre, Kam Mcnasty, Villi, iamaura, LLK Sol, Rondell June, QP Pudge, Mathew Raps, BlkJay, Melly, Buhlil, Will Summerville, Louville, Zeus Scott, Static, Bryant Burney 

Vocalists: Indy, Blu, Avion Elisse, Keke, Kamai 

Shot by: Andrew Holness 

Directed by: James Simpo Jr.  

Lyricist Live: Mal Jones 

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