Our fourth issue will be released November 4th. The theme will be “ELEVATE.” We’re challenging you to test the age-old adage two heads are better than one.“ While keeping social distancing in mind we would like you to partner with another artist in the community to brainstorm and execute an original joint project that compliments and elevates each other’s talent.

We are accepting Elevate submissions as well as General Submissions. 

If you only have mobile images of your work, check out our Art Entry Shoot event THIS SATURDAY from 10am-2pm. 


  • Please ensure photos are at 300 dpi in jpeg, (portrait W 8.5 in. x H 11 in. and landscape is W 17 in. x H 11 in.) To ensure high resolution do not submit mobile images. 
  • Artwork that is submitted must be unreleased and not published anywhere (another magazine, social media, blog, etc.)
  • You may submit up to 5 images for us to review.
  • Submit a series rather than individual pieces. We are looking for a story to be told.
  • Include at least a paragraph explaining how your pieces relate to the theme. The more detail, the better.