Everything 4 Sale Fashion Show

Hootie Shepherd’s Everything 4 $ale gallery and fashion show exemplified his brand’s namesake, Pneuma, meaning breath of life. The 26 year-old from Miami held his first fashion show in Riverside on September 1st and it was well-received. 

Six Hundred King Street

In the late afternoon, a number of people descended upon a rustic brick warehouse. In the interior, white open space with beautiful benches painted in the colors of the rainbow lined the catwalk pathway, soon to be the center-of-attention. The benches and lights brought color into the blank space, almost as if it were a canvas. 

After the showing, as the show’s name would dictate, many pieces were available to purchase to the sold-out audience. 

Opposites Attract

A mix of eye-catching prints, camo, checks, stripes, solids, and much more impeccable styles on the models came down the runway. 

The style is defined by its casual yet clean attitude offering a relaxed feel with a polished look. These opposites extend elsewhere as well, like the versatile Arnold Palmer collection which was featured in the show and brought to life with the help of his friend Migo. Thrifty fabrics of different patterns, typically considered clashing or faux pas are beautifully brought together to exude a confidence of character. 

Split designs highly contrasting each other offer a pop of attention but are related enough to compliment each other without being too loud or distracting. It all ties together seamlessly across products for a complete look. 


Growing up in Miami around jamaican roots, his inspiration tells a story in his clothing. His brand’s vibe and practicality are combined for a Florida climate and style. Shorts were a must have for this show, and it took countless hours to bring them from scratch to ready-to-wear, even 42 hours straight at one point.

However, the largest stand-out is probably the fact that the pieces are created entirely in-house; cut, sewn, dyed, printed at Hootie’s home. 

Behind the Scenes

There was a massive amount of preparation involved in not only the fashion-wear but also the show itself. Coordinating all the people involved, getting models fitted as well as deciding on and executing set design. His girlfriend Sun and friend Nico were instrumental in helping him accomplish his vision, turning his ideas into reality by setting up the lights and cameras, as well as casting and guiding the models.

They were even perfecting last-minute touches up until the final moments. 

The show was the brainchild of Hootie but masterfully achieved through collaborative effort. The benches, assembled by Hootie and his friend Scully were painted by Nico, complementing the lit catwalk. A DJ and live music complimented the scene and added an additional layer to the sensory experience. 

All in all, talent was truly on display in many forms. Thank you to Hootie for allowing us to cover the event and get to know a little more about him. 

BRAND: @pneuma 
DESIGNER: Hootie Shepherd @cvrpediem
MERCH CREATIVE DESIGNER: Jordie @campaignjordie
PRINTER8103 Clothing 

VIOLINIST: Millie @milliehudsonmusic
Kayla: @sailorgoon
Teezie: @teeziethagawd
DJ: @4thQuarterQuan

Wes: @rakimism 
Allan: @acpfts
Big: @planet369

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