Vol 5: FOCUS Submissions


Our fifth issue will be released March 6th. The theme will be “FOCUS.” We will be accepting general submissions as well as works created in response to our following prompts:

  1. Create a work that shows your artistic direction, your mantra, your focus.
  2. Create a work with a subject in focus and a more muted background, or vice versa, a work with a more muted subject and a clear background in focus.

Submissions open January 4th, 2021.

We will be hosting an Art Entry Shoot on January 30th. More details to come soon.

Check out our moodboard

Submission Information

Before submitting, please read this page as well as our terms and conditions for acceptance. Please read the different types of submissions and choose which one best pertains to your work.

Art Entry Shoot

If you are unable to obtain a high-resolution image of your work, you will have the opportunity to have your work photographed by us. To be eligible for the Art Entry Shoot, we must FIRST receive your submission.


  • The work you submit must be created and owned exclusively by you 
  • You agree there is no expectation of compensation for your submission 
  • You agree that submitting your work does not automatically grant acceptance 
  • We receive your submission by February 1, 2021

Submission Requirements:

  1. You may submit up to 5 of your best works for us to review. Please ensure photos are at 300 dpi in jpeg, (portrait W 8.5″ x H 11″ and landscape is W 17″ x H 11″).
  2. For each photo, ensure all applicable accreditation is provided. 

Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation email from us. We will inform you of our decision via email on or around February 8, 2021.