Geexella is a powerful multifaceted artist and activist. A DJ, singer, rapper, and youth educator, their influence is felt in many different ways, all for the better, creating a more inclusive space and city.   With a strong musical background, they utilize their skill and passion to convey stories, spark inspiration and provide opportunities to countless others. 


Geexella has been a co-organizer of Girls Rock Jax for seven years, a local chapter of an international campaign and is a weeklong summer camp for girls gender nonconforming and trans youth. 

The camp uses music as a tool to engage the youth on different levels, allowing them to gain skill utilizing it as a creative outlet but also providing context and additional information on that music, as well as other things. The camp also has workshops on intersexual feminism and self-defense, run by women and queer role models. It is a grassroots effort relying on volunteers and donations, but offers so much opportunity for youth to grow. Those at the camp get instruments, put into bands, perform, and even write an original song. 

“I wanted to create a space that centered around queer people, specifically black and brown queer people.”

Photo by @cre8jax


When Geexella started DJing around the city in 2018, they got to experience nightlife and club culture, seeing what it offered, but more importantly, seeing what it didn’t. That’s when their idea for a dance party, centered around QTPOC (queer/trans people of color) was born. A space where people who are often fetishized, touched, and otherwise bothered, can just be themselves openly, freely, and fully enjoy sharing an exciting space with like minded individuals. 

The event entry fee is a sliding scale, allowing those who have privilege to recognize that, pay a higher cover, allowing those who are less privileged to pay what they can. It’s a brilliant way of bringing the concept of equity to real-world events that can make an impact. 

“Music can do that, being in a space where you can feel free or comfortable, that’s something I want to create, because I feel like black and brown people who live in the city always feel uncomfortable or are always in a space where they have to compromise who they are.”


Geexella ensures that this isn’t exclusionary to anyone. All are welcome, as long as they respect others and recognize who the space belongs to. And rightfully so, considering such few venues in the area exist. They are all about unity, bringing communities and people together. It’s achieved through collaboration. If they can highlight another artist, give back in any way, or share a resource, they love to do that. Through skill sharing, speaking about the experiences lived, they are able to share successes and opportunities thoughtfully and impactfully.

Photo by @cre8jax

Geexella does this with their music as well. They write from a space of being vulnerable. They take a concept or idea, a feeling or emotion, and explain an entire story. From there, they speak from their personal experiences, being black/brown/queer in the south.

“Showing them we can be out here, we can be queer, we can be in the south, we can be black, we can be brown, we can be all those things at the same time and not have to choose one identity over the other.”

They always show up as their full self, living out loud, giving not only a voice, but a face, true representation to others like them. An influence like that isn’t gained, it’s earned. Through devotion to service and culture, devotion to what is right, and devotion to giving people the power to live as their true selves. 


Instagram: @geexella

Website: geexellamusic.com

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