Hootie Shepard

Hootie is a clothing designer based out of Jacksonville who has always expressed himself through his clothing. His brand name is Pneuma, meaning Breath of Life. 

Going to school in Miami, he saw each day as a way to impress his peers. Personal style became a kind of competition for him, one where he consistently set the bar. His inspiration comes from his roots there and current trends.

He aims for each of his projects to be different from each other, usually taking a few weeks to be perfected. What follows is a short run, a small collection with 10 to 15 pieces, and then a shift to another new project.

His first fashion show took place in September of 2019 and was a major milestone with a turnout even larger than he’d hoped for. He found himself waiting for the perfect time, but eventually realized it didn’t exist. He had to just set a date and work hard to achieve what he envisioned by then. He’s thankful that he has the help and support of friends who came together to help make it happen.

His style is defined by its casual yet clean attitude offering a relaxed feel with a polished look. Thrifty fabrics of different patterns, typically considered clashing or faux pas, are beautifully brought together to exude a confidence of character. His designs offer a split look of contrast, include a pop of attention, and are related enough to compliment each other without being too loud or distracting. They all tie together seamlessly across products for a complete look.

Like many other creatives in Jacksonville, you can feel Florida in some of his designs. Florals, relaxed looks and a bold take on casual wear come together nicely in his work.

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