Jacksonville Dance Theatre returns to stage MAY 8, 2021


After cancelling their 8th annual concert, The Jacksonville Dance Theatre returns to Florida Theatre on May 8, 2021 at 8 p.m. 


Programming includes a dynamic array of performances from numerous artists. 


Three Tasks, Once A Day, 25 Days” choreographed by Rebecca Levy, JDT artistic director, performed by Tiffany Santeiro who is former creative director and co-founder of JDT. 


Visiting artist James Morrow will stage one of his signature solo works, “I met the soul walking along my path, a Beast in Me.” Morrow explores different ways that patriarchal culture keeps men from knowing themselves due to priorities on strength, aggression and ability to dominate their environment. Through moments of violence and vulnerability, Morrow pushes through levels of conditioning to find ways of expression. 


Disorder,” a long-form work from Levy will make its debut as well.. Created in collaboration with local composer Mark Snyder, “Disorder” tackles the profound experiences of individuals suffering from and living with mental illness in hopes to raise awareness, destigmatize, and encourage healthy support and discourse around the topic. The performance will feature Brian Palmer, division chair, Jacksonville University Dance Department, and a trio of JDT dancers aged 5-7 performing with their mothers. 


“Disorder” is made possible in part by the Community Foundation of Northeast Florida


Resident choreographer Kristen Sholes Sullivan will present new work “Great Stone,” performed by the company ensemble. The choreography investigates the individual’s innate movement experience when faced with an uphill battle and how that creates force and virtuosity that in numbers will move mountains. Through falling, crawling, sliding, leaping, and other moves, the dancers find strength in the struggle and power in the fight to overcome rejection.


“Kitchen Sink,” the critically acclaimed signature work of Levy’s from 2009 will be restaged by current JDT members Winter Bosanko and Joshua Mora. About detachment in loving relationships, it is set in a 1950’s eque tableau of a marriage coming apart at the seams.


The 9th Annual Jacksonville Dance Theatre in Concert will be May 8, 2021 from 8-9p.m. at the Florida Theatre. Tickets are $35.


To purchase tickets or obtain more information, please visit Florida Theatre or Jacksonville Dance Theatre.

Feature Image: Kristen Sholes Sullivan captured by Katherine Richardson.

Second Image: (from left) Hilary Libman, Rebecca R. Levy, Tiffany Santeiro, Kristen Sholes Sullivan captured by Katherine Richardson. 

Third Image: (from left) Winter Bosanko and Joshua Mora captured by Toni Smailagic.