Jennifer Lail

Jennifer Lail is a striking abstract artist based in Jacksonville. A graduate of the Fine Arts, Jennifer has had many of her pieces featured in local and out of state galleries. Among these pieces include her specialties, using mediums of oil on canvas and watercolor on paper. She approaches her creations with a positive intent to help viewers expand their thoughts into more than what meets the eye. 

“The reality is in fact that most everything is indeed more abstract than perceived.”

Jennifer Lail

Aspire to Inspire 

Jennifer has built a following of aesthetes and others that are interested in her conceptual art. The common theme among her influences and her social ascension revolve around acceptance, inspiration and unity. She is inspired by the music she listens to throughout her work sessions. Among them are Sia, Lady Gaga and Sam Smith, those who step outside the boundaries to be great and none of which fit the conventional or practical idea of an artist. Music isn’t the only inspiration for Jennifer who has put over ten years of experience into developing her artistry.

“Fashion is probably where I started with. It’s always been a strong influence along with architecture and really anything design has the ability to inspire me.”

While Lail is certainly focused on the end goal of unity and acceptance, her mission in regards to abstract art is to get others to understand that comprehension doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. Essentially, it’s alright to think differently and come to altering conclusions based on what piece of art is being digested. This can be applied to both Jennifer’s paintings and life outside of art. That’s what the value of art is, demonstrating the beauty of life through creative and unique ways.    

“It’s easy for us to say “that is a tree” but in a reality that’s someone’s perception of a tree or time. It’s a very abstract concept that we create and the fact that we all have to conform I feel like causes a lot of strife and really it’s our perception of whatever it is.”

Minimalist Methods

Jennifer’s minimalist approach to her art brings her to using as few strokes of the paint brush as possible. She revels in the stark contrast between dark, bolded lines and fading out to the faint marks left from her watercolor brush requiring more paint. Although she will use warm colors in some of her pieces, it should also be noted the immense use of cooler colors such as shades of blue, grey and even black. Her latest watercolor subject matter heavily relies upon the depiction of diptychs, used to signify unity. The diptychs mirror that of a book, split down the middle, one containing the beginning and the other half containing the end. Together, these two halves are unified to create the entire story. Jennifer’s oil on canvas also speaks to the importance of camaraderie and uplifting one’s peers. A division of two separate colors usually dominate these pieces and then meet at an intersection, much like her watercolor diptychs, interlocking each other similar to holding hands. 

“The fact that it can really break down barriers and open perspectives that might have not been there before is the power of art. That’s why I believe that no matter what your form is of art, no matter what your medium is, that is your calling, to use it to help unite us all.”

Lail’s creations provide the platform for thought-provoking discussions and leaves viewers the freedom to interpret the social constructs that she communicates.Through this, she hopes to serve as a template of optimism for local artists looking to build in this up-and-coming area.

“That’s part of my goal moving forward here in Jax, to create a solid basis and understanding for abstract artists so they do feel like “Yes! Jax gets me and understands me and people will click my work here”, something I’ve struggled with the feeling of. I want other abstract artists to feel like they fit.”

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Instagram: @jenniferlail 

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