Music Spolight: Rosewilder

The Light That Bends is a dream rock/indie project from new group ROSEWILDWER

A symbiotic relationship between operatic and emotional vocals with strong guitar chords define the group’s style. Transitioning between dominance and moving into the foreground, these elements are sometimes balanced, sometimes overpowering, but always with purpose. Listening to this EP is a highly immersive experience and makes you want more.


They draw influence from other dreampop / shoegazing bands like Cocteau Twins and The Cranberries

They’ve also released an acoustic version of “Understand” where you can listen to here

Their single “Innocence” was released on 9/4/20. A somber mood is set with haunting sirens and an ominous “I love you.” An ambient ballad with grungy undertones and captivating vocal layers, Innocence reflects, in its own way, pain and struggles of domestic violence and physical abuse, but not without a ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ Hopefulness and redemption are coupled to intensify the song with waves of reverb, drums, and dreamy chords. 

(left to right) Guitar: Chris • Bass & cassette tapes: Matt • Drums: Alex - Vocals/Lyrics: Kayla

Their new single, Not Easy/Not Over will be released in December and they’ve got big plans for 2021.

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Listen to Rosewilder here:


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