From the moment you hit play on HUAN’s captivating song “Days,” you’re immediately mesmerized and pulled into the song. With its vibey feel and groovy beat, “Days” is one of those songs that you not only can’t stop listening to, but it’s also one of those songs that is indescribably interesting and impossible not to analyze. With each listen, you discover more and more underlying messages about determination, motivation, hope and honesty. HUAN poignantly sings in such an emotionally raw, soulful way as the song talks about ultimately getting yourself out of a dark place. If you’re looking for a meaningful song that you can not only vibe to but be motivated by, then look no further. Not to mention, the production is on another level and the sound is extremely clear. 

When hearing “Days” for the first time, you notice various different emotions and elements from HUAN. It’s both sad and reminiscent while remaining fully determined, motivated and hopeful. You can’t help but to feel emotional and inspired simultaneously as HUAN sings, “I’m so sick of wasting time…I’ll keep trying to find my wings and when I do I aint never coming down.” In the song, it’s almost as if HUAN is determined to make a change in his life and to stop wasting time while still focusing on the bad that’s occurred. But both go hand in hand and you can’t make a positive change if you don’t recognize what needs to be changed. HUAN agrees that the song is a mixture of both sad and hopeful and that he really wants the song to be up for interpretation based on the individual listener.

It’s evident that music can be extremely healing and a therapeutic process. It’s helpful for musicians and singers to write about their hardships and a lot of the time it helps them to overcome those struggles. And that’s no different for HUAN, who says that writing this song helped him to “move on and adapt to a new season of life, especially as an artist.” He adds that identifying and recognizing what’s going on is the first step to recovering and bettering yourself as a human being. It’s important to push yourself and do things outside of your comfort zone — do something that feels uncomfortable; that’s the only way that you can learn and grow. The main factor that motivates him is feeling like he’s never doing enough — that’s how HUAN remains determined and driven.

So, what’s the main message that the listener should take away from “Days?” From the artist himself, he says, “Don’t settle. Find your wings. Don’t waste your time pursuing things or goals that don’t bring joy in your life. Manifest good health and great work ethic within yourself. Overcoming the negative side of yourself is extremely difficult but not impossible.” And the rest, of course, is up to your own interpretation.

HUAN Juan Mallorca 

“Days” Written by Juan Mallorca • Produced by Juan Mallorca & Sean Dolich • Mixed and Mastered by Josh Cobb (Rockbot Studios) • Video by Jason Blankenship (Bad Cloud Media) • Photos by Stephen JP Images  • Artwork by Perry Howard


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