Our Magazine and Founder’s Background

In our first podcast, hosted by Detavius and Kat, we introduced you to our founder and creative director, Nicole Racacz

Raised in Jacksonville, born in Canada, and of Polish origin, Nicole prides herself on growing up here and recognizes the potential our city has to be even better. 

As long as she can remember, she’s had a passion for the arts. She started with writing and drawing, leading her to attend Lavilla School of the Arts for creative writing. There, she explored dancing and other art forms. Her personal style is also reflective of her highly artistic personality. 

She received her degree in Graphic Design at FSCJ and started a career in UX/UI, user experience and interface design. While at FSCJ, she had an internship with Void Magazine which invigorated her interest in arts publication and the positive impact it can have. Her friend Kyra Rosa who is a photographer and the mastermind behind Mija talked to Nicole about the amount of local artists that were unseen. There were so many trailblazers and earth shakers within our own community that people didn’t know about. So using her passion, her experience as an intern, and her newfound mission of shining a light on the unseen, she embarked on the journey of creating the magazine. 

Notoriety in the arts can be seen as cliquey and exclusive, and while featuring refined talent is important to the magazine’s integrity, the overarching goal is to showcase creatives who haven’t had the same opportunities. Not only that, the goal is to increase and enhance those opportunities for artists. A defining moment of that in action was at the inaugural launch of the magazine. It was the breaking down of barriers in real-time.. Held at Space 42, almost 1,000 creatives from all over the city came together and had a great time. People enjoying and appreciating art, networking, and celebrating the launch.

The magazine’s newest issue, ELEVATE, will be released November 4th. The theme for the fourth installment of the magazine is focused on artists who uplift and celebrate others. 

Since Issue 2, the team has collaborated with Jeremy Ryan and WAVES to curate and present an impactful music playlist of talented local artists from across different genres. It really helps to show what Jacksonville has to offer. Introducing musicians alongside other artists and featuring different styles this way is unique, because typically, it’s segmented. It’s either painting and drawing or music, and even then, they are relegated to specific genres or mediums. The way Radx is Wavy combines it all is very dynamic. With two volumes, no matter what your music taste is, you can find something that you will love.

“Eyes Awakening” by Jasmine Nguyen, 7th Grade

Last issue the team presented a student series, works of art from students in middle school and high school across the city. Amanda Holloway, an instructor at James Weldon Johnson Middle School, reached out to the team with the idea and coordinated the effort with other teachers across the district to nominate student works to the magazine. Recognizing the passion of these students and their dedication to refining their skill is important. It really helps highlight the talent that exists even among the youngest of us. 

This summary is from Radx Podcast: Episode 1. To start, we introduced you to our founder and gave you some background on her and the magazine. Next episode, we will be featuring photographer Michelle Calloway, a powerful visual storyteller and co-founder of Space 42. 

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