Albums on Repeat: Phases by Moonchyldd

Albums on repeat

Listen with us to some of Jacksonville’s most anticipated music projects of the year. These leaders of the new school continue to drive local culture releasing tracks that most listeners can relate to. Within the full breadth of our curated music, you will find a song that will fit any mood you may feel. From soulful R&B to the historic DUVAL compilation album, we’re celebrating these winners and their major accomplishments of 2020. 

Phases by Moonchyldd

From the very first record Moonchyldd grabs your attention with her voice. This melodic yet gritty sound instantly grasps your ear and begs you for more as each record plays on. 

Songs like “Galactic” & “Love Nomo” take you into the ill mind of Moonchyldd in the best way possible. Experiences, empowerment, identity and more are found in the nuanced lyrics that are perfectly complemented by the beats. Moonchyldd has created one of her best original flows.

The seamless transition throughout the project allows the listener to experience the phases of emotion just as they would with her namesake.

“I chose to name it ‘Phases’ because I am always changing how I do music and I come with different vibes. Like the phases of the moon, I continue to change but stay the same and evolve like the new Moons.”


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