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Welcome to the first edition of Radx Digital Magazine. Radx Mag is a digital magazine based on the ever growing local art culture in Jacksonville, Florida. Featuring curated content of local artists and YOU, our readers.


To get to know more about Radx Mag, I’d like to introduce you to the creator: Nicole Radacz (pronounced: Rad-ach). Nicole has been enjoying life for 22 years. She is a passionate artist who loves to experience the world. Whether it be through traveling, through experiencing other local cultures, or better understanding great achievements that have made an exemplary impact.



As a UX/ UI Designer (User Experience/ User Interface) she often thinks of herself in others shoes, and always tries to take a new perspective on any situation. Her hobbies include; graphic design, photography, painting, dancing, writing, and of course, binge-watching a good show on Netflix. 

Being an artist herself, she is familiar with a plenitude of artists that are so talented but have never been given the recognition they deserved. They aren’t insta-famous, or had time to be a youtube-star, just people who live life and enjoy creating art after their 9-5. But most importantly she wanted to start something of her own, something that gives back and feeds her creativity. She wanted to create something that highlights the local talent of her beautiful hometown. And that’s why Radx Mag was created.



The arts have the ability to bring people together by emotionally connecting them. Through photography, everyone is offered a fresh perspective. Through writing, we can appreciate sentiment from the words of another. Through design, we can communicate effectively with a combination of words and images. Through fashion, each individual can express their unique personality.

Radx Mag accepts a wide variety of art forms to be featured including; but not limited to: Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Music, Fashion, Modeling, and Graphic Design / Digital Illustrations. If you or someone you know creates, submit your work to get featured!

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