About Radx

We are a local art magazine in Jacksonville, Florida. Radx Magazine strives to showcase talented creatives and local works of art in all forms. Everything from photography, modeling, painting, illustration, to fashion design and more. Our primary goal is to highlight powerful artists that aren’t regularly published and share with the community at large transformative works they otherwise might not have come across. When you create work, you reach an audience and inspire them. Expect that from each one of our issues, as well as, a challenge to artists and readers to find a deeper meaning in their art.

Behind the Mag

Nicole Radacz

Founder // Chief Creative Director

Alexandria Vasquez


Detavius Niblack

Art Director

Censay Darilus


Justin Smith

Writer // Editor

Lena Crowe


Dionne Drinks

Graphic Design Intern

Donyelle Joiner-Rogers

Graphic Design Intern

Haneifah Ahmad

Podcast Intern