Behind the Mag

Radx Magazine strives to showcase talented local works of art in all forms. Everything from photography, modeling, painting, illustration, to fashion design and more. Our primary goal is to highlight powerful artists that aren’t regularly published and share with the community at large transformative works they otherwise might not have come across. When you create work, you reach an audience and inspire them. Expect that from each one of our issues, as well as, a challenge to artists and readers to find a deeper meaning in their art.

Creator | Creative Director

Nicole founded Radx Magazine after meeting & getting to know some of the many talented artists in the Jacksonville community. What started as an idea in December 2018 led to creation of the brand in the spring of 2019. Nicole is the driving force behind the entire brand, choosing content and direction of the magazine, website, and social media.

Cody Quattlebaum
Editor in Chief

Cody joined RadX Magazine in August of 2019 and has known Nicole for 5+ years. He has previously worked as editor in several capacities. Cody is responsible for the written material across the brand and strives to create compelling stories in combination with RadX Magazine’s visuals for maximum impact.

Detavius Niblack

Detavius joined RadX Magazine in Fall of 2019. He has previously worked on projects and produced content with numerous individuals. Detavius is responsible for creating content and capturing moments as they happen around the city of Jacksonville whether through photography or videography.

Censay Darilus

Censay joined RadX Magazine in September 2019. Since graduating from UCF, he has prided himself as a left-brain thinker, always wanting to seek balance with the need of some form of artistic expression. Utilizing a camera and creative mind, he aims to celebrate the beauty of the world’s existence.

Justin Smith

Justin joined RadX Magazine in February and enjoys covering creatives and helping the world know more about them and their purpose. He is a writer that’s just starting his journey. “Trust the process and all else will fall into place.”

Lena Crowe

Lena joined RadX Magazine in February and has always been creative, imaginative and a lover of writing. A graduate of Flagler College, she has written short stories since 5-6 years old and even created a website at 12 years old. She strives to bring personality to the forefront of her writing.

Rodricka Gooch

Rodricka joined RadX Magazine in August 2019 and has a B.A. in Business Marketing/Minor in Mass Communication. She’s previously worked with marketing/media agencies and a television/radio station in South Carolina. As a journalist, she is passionate about interviewing talented artists and covering events.