Sadiqa Mokbel

Sadiqa was born to create. She is constantly thinking creatively, letting inspiration flow through her, finding  it  in anything and   everything.  She is an actress, a model and an influencer.  She has historically expressed herself on stage with performing and acting but has recently been more passionate about the planning and execution of photoshoots, outfits, and other ways of conveying her creative personality.

She is highly expressive in many ways. Her body language, facial expressions, poses, and body movements all work together to tell a complete story, or many, in a single session or even a single portrait. She also loves to express her personality through her fashion and the clothes she wears. 

When it comes to finding inspiration, Sadiqa takes the road less traveled. She finds herself off the beaten path, straying away from the average or typical places one might go.

Sadiqa can easily visualize where her inspiration takes her in her head. With music, she prefers to create her own music video while listening as opposed to watching it. She self describes that it’s like having “maps in her head.” She is able to piece together different aspects and draw a path from one to the other, eventually leading to a solid tangible idea or content to be created.   

She is looking forward to working with more video this year and has some short clips/films in the works. 

You can find her on instagram