Local Designer Sal Catoe Showcases Extravagance


“With this work, not only did I want to challenge my technical skills as a designer, I wanted to design something extravagant. Sadly, extravagance doesn’t interpret without narrative or nuance, it’s just seen as EXTRA.’ I knew whatever I designed needed to have a dialogue and an interpretive story so that the viewer could relate and identify with it. 

There’s nothing more relatable than a want for love and acceptance, from ourselves and from people in the world. Unfortunately human circumstances can lead us to grow cut off and closed from the world’s love and grace. Using a fencing mask as my mirror I threaded two distinguished red emblems, a heart and a widows mark. One of trust and life, another of betrayal and death. Four thoughts centered in our minds and written all over our faces.  The restraints we take on from the world can only be unlocked by us, for us, we must allow ourselves to always evolve and to never stop caring. Otherwise our true demise will come from our own obstructions.”




Designed, directed, and photographed by @Salcatoe

“Loves curiosity” (pictured above)

“Fragile Delights” collaboration with @Claudia.Lacasse (feature image)

MODEL: @Edd1amont




Daryna Barykina

ROOTS Daryna Barykina is an awe-inspiring photographer that is adept in stylized conceptual vivid imagery. A native of Ukraine, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2011 and embarked on her

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