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Sirens by BLÜM

Florida rarely disappoints with the music it develops, and BLÜM is no exception. Joining the likes of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and others, this alternative, indie punk rock single is bound to stir emotion and even feelings of nostalgia.

Over a year in the works, the song is described as BLÜM’s hardest hitting most anthemic release. Heavy guitar, stacked vocals, synths are just a few of the different elements that combine into this iconic banger. 

BLÜM has previously released two singles and their first EP, Recourse, was released last year.

“We wanted to make something that was visually captivating – something you couldn’t look away from.” – Eduardo Diaz


Eduardo and Juan both met playing music with different bands in Palm Coast. Both immigrated, and sometimes felt like outsiders within their culture, families, and respective music scenes. This connection led them to work with each other creatively and thus, Blüm was formed. Their influences are The 1975, Brockhampton, Nirvana, and others.

Juan Mallorca @juandirection & Eduardo Diaz @arealcutedad


Produced by:  Sean Dolich @seandolich Michael Ricker “Malikot” @yogarenren


Mastered by: @mattgoings

Album Artwork: @newjunkaesthetic @rookiekid.peej


Music video by: Stephen Helfrich @stephenjp_images


Listen to BLÜM here:


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