Vol. IV ELEVATE Submissions Are Now Open


We are pleased to officially open submissions for Volume IV: ELEVATE. Our featured artists consistently build up others and showcase the talent of their peers in addition to themselves. Each artistic journey is unique but we have taken notice of those who regularly strive to uplift other artists and partner/collaborate to combine their skills and experience.

The original artwork from our featured image celebrating the opening of submissions was created by Kapumeita. Her newest work, Moisturized, is for sale with a portion of proceeds being donated to the Okra project. She also partnered with M.C. Pressure which is a local print shop and created an awesome poster in support of Black lives. 

Art is empowering for creators and audiences. It fuels creativity and tells the story of lived experience. When we celebrate each other, we uplift and empower each other. That is the strength of art and the strength of our community. 

We will accept general art submissions but the prompt will drive the theme of our issue. We’re challenging you to test the age-old adage “two heads are better than one.” While keeping social distancing in mind we would like you to partner with another artist in the community to brainstorm and execute an original joint project that compliments and elevates each other’s talent.

We encourage everyone to join the new Facebook group: RADX Insiders where you can network, discuss everything art related and collaborate with other artists and art appreciators. 

This would also be a great opportunity for anyone trying to find someone to collaborate with! 

Submissions will CLOSE on:  SEPTEMBER 28, 2020.

Our fourth issue will be released in November. Before submitting, please read our terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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